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Kiiing & Co. Designs: Our Story

Ashlea Kiiing is the CEO and Lead Designer at Kiiing & Co. Designs. She is an illustrator, surface designer and educator who thrives to make a difference in her community by combining the world of art and education. Ashlea believes that by fostering cultural awareness, we can break down barriers and build bridges between communities. 

Kiiing & Co. Designs is an inspirational art, stationery and lifestyle brand that celebrates Black Culture through visual storytelling. We are dedicated to fostering a world of cultural awareness while promoting positive mindset through the power of education and inspiration.

It is our mission to create intentional story collections that cultivate a deep understanding of Black Culture, History, Traditions and Excellence. Our unique approach combines curated educational designs with motivating imagery, quotes and affirmations that empower others on their journey.

Join us in creating a more connected and enlightened world where the celebration of diversity and the cultivation of a positive mindset can propel us towards a brighter future.

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