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4 Mindset & Growth Routines

4 Mindset & Growth Routines

Keeping a positive mindset can be a difficult at times. In this blog post, I wanted to share four self care routines that I personally do daily to keep me in a positive state of mind...

1. Daily Prompt Journaling (Gratitude App: 5 Minute Guided Journaling)

Journaling is something that I actively started doing in 2022. It is a way for me to release my thoughts and feelings, as well as reflect on my personal growth as a wife, mother, friend, artist and educator. I have tried many journaling apps; but by far the one that I love most is called Gratitude.

My favorite thing about this app is that it is a guided journaling experience. If you are new to journaling this is a good starting place. The Gratitude app provides you with a new journaling prompt daily, monthly challenges (these are separate from the regular journaling prompts) and provides you with space to create a digital vision board. Being able to reflect daily not only helps you process through your emotions; but it also provides an outlet for you to visually see your personal growth and how far you have come.

2. Meditation (Headspace App)

I have been using Headspace since 2020 and it is my go-to app for quick mediations and breathe work. I remember when I first started my meditation sessions, I really did not understand the benefits of taking time out of your day to shut out all noises, sit in silence and decompress your thoughts and feelings. There is so much that happens within a days time. Sometimes the things we experience are great and sometimes not so much. However, utilizing meditation sessions to decompress is a self care task.

We as people, are always thinking about what we physically need to do or accomplish; but sometimes we forget to give our minds that mental break it needs and deserves. The powerful thing about meditation is that pairing it with a self care task like journaling can amplify your outcome and experience. By you taking the time to ease your mind and sit in stillness, you are giving yourself the opportunity to reflect and truly appreciate the things that are going right in your life instead of focusing on everything that is going wrong. 

3. Affirmations & Quotes (Motivation App)

This is an app I hesitated to keep; however it has been one of my favorite daily practices! I have my app set to send out at least 5 affirmations and/or inspirational quotes daily. It seems like something small or unnecessary until you have a hiccup in your day that you did not plan for. There have been countless times where something has happened during the day and I feel myself starting to become overwhelmed and then I get a notification. I take the time to reflect on the message (affirmation or quote) given and how it applies to my current situation. Most of the time after reflecting, meditating and embracing the situation, I mentally calm myself and move on. What I have come to realize is, we expect a lot out of ourselves; however sometimes we do not provide ourselves with the tools we need to get through those tough situations. Giving yourself those daily reminders and affirmations may seem unnecessary; but when you truly are experiencing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, annoyed or uneasy it is imperative to give yourself grace and space to accept and cope with what you are feeling. 

4. Quest Programs (Mindvalley App)

This is a new routine I just started a few weeks ago; but it has been very beneficial. The three mindset and growth routines listed above have been very helpful; but I knew I needed to take it one step further. Personally, I love to learn about other people's journeys (especially entrepreneurs). It is a way for me to reflect and learn how they were able to overcome their hardships.

The Mindvalley app provides it's users the opportunity to not just grow professionally; but also to grow physically and mentally. They have courses (quests) over health, performance, business, mental health, mediation, relationships, etc. It is like a life app to say the least 😂. My favorite thing about it is that they offer curated programs that guide you through specific topics so that at the end of the course you have been provided resources, tools and information that can help you grow in that area. 

I hope that these four mindset and personal growth routines listed above help you. If you are in a season in your life where you are wanting to provide yourself with self care routines that will better your everyday life I hope that you will give them a try ❤️

If you have any self routines that have personally worked for you and you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you 😁

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